Construction Markings arise in Universal Studios

With Oscar noms just coming out and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 not getting the recognition it deserves, it is time for some happy news. An update from on the Wizarding World of Harry Potter’s Orlando expansion has just become available. According to the theme park fansite Screamscape, construction markers have appeared from the closed Jaws area and continue south.

What you ask is south? The Wizarding World, that’s right. Rumors surfaced stating that the expansion will include a Hogwarts Express to join Universal Studios to Islands of Adventure (where Wizarding World is currently located).

From Screamscape:

According to one source demolition work in the old Jaws area has been going full steam ahead this week, as Amity will soon be nothing more than a giant muddy crater as the work crews are said to be moving quite fast on this. Elsewhere, sources tell us that a bunch of survey markings can now be found all along the main backstage road leading toward the Jaws/Amity area. No word yet on if they stretch all the way from Amity to the Wizarding World or IoA or not, but this sounds like the start of the Hogwarts Express to me. So far markings have been spotted in the area behind Soundstage 33 and down behind the Revenge of the Mummy attraction building.

Universal Studios confirmed the expansion in December, and since then numerous signs of expansion have been seen in Universal Studios which is separate from Islands of Adventure. The expansion is said to be a Diagon Alley type of land with the Hogwarts Express connecting the two parks. This same rumor stated that construction would begin in February. For now, I can only hope that if I go in March I can find out more.

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