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Welcome to HPSupporters.com, a Harry Potter fan site and a community of Harry Potter supporters. Here you can visit daily to find out news about the movies, the actors, J.K. Rowling, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and more. You can take part in some polls and quizzes on the Fun & Games page, or talk with fellow fans in our Live Chat. We also have a forum so you can join the worldwide discussion about everything HP and find some new friends.

The staff on the site are: Katie, Tom and Jenai.



We started out in July 2009. We were really small with just a twitter page with only a few followers, and it was just me, Katie, running it. The reason I made a twitter was to support Harry Potter for the Teen Choice Awards. Our username was “HarryPotter4TCA”. What influenced us to make a Harry Potter Support TCA twitter was when we saw all the support twitters for Miley Cyrus and others.

We then asked @TeenChoiceGirl (the official Twitter for the awards) if she could ask her followers to follow us if they are Harry Potter fans and they want it to win a teen choice award. Fortunately, she read our message, and immediately tweeted about us! We were overwhelmed. :)

As some of you know, at that time Tom Felton was following Teen Choice Girl. Therefore, I’m guessing that Tom Felton read Teen Choice Girl’s tweet and then he retweeted that. And this is when we got so many followers! As soon as he retweeted us, we got around 2,000 followers. I was sleeping when this happened. The next morning when I woke, I logged on and checked our replies and we had over 2000! My god, I almost freaked. As I read almost every reply, I went to the bottom and saw that Tom Felton replied to us. I was dying with happinness. I had been a fan of him since forever, and to have him reply to us was such a big shock. I went to check his following list and saw that he was following us. I literally started jumping up and down. You do not know how happy I was.

I started tweeting and saying how thankful I was and all. We made the twitter about 3 weeks before the TCAs and each day we tried to get people to go and vote for Harry Potter. And it worked! Most of you guys know that I went to the Teen Choice Awards and there I was live tweeting and was so happy when Harry Potter won! I felt like I had done something so big to help it out. I was really happy and I decided right there and then that I would keep the support twitter but I would change the name.

So the next day when I went on (at this time we had 3,000 followers) I announced that I would be keeping this twitter account and would just be changing our name. Some of our old followers who are still our followers to this day, gave us some name suggestions. The one we liked best was “HPSupporters”, so that’s what we became. We then started to communicate with Tom Felton through DMs and asked him some questions. Unfortunately, after a while, he somehow unfollowed us, we are not sure of the reason. We thought maybe it was because we tweeted too much, but what can we do? We love our followers too much :)

After a while, I decided that I needed help with the twitter account, and this is when Riley came in. She is a really close friend of mine and when I told her, she was shocked because before she never knew that I was HPSupporters, and after freaking out, she accepted.

In July 2010, Tom made us this new website (our original one is at supporthp.webs.com), and we let him onto the staff team and he has been helping with the technical stuff (and more) ever since.

We would just like to thank all the people following us on twitter, all the members of our forum and all our website visitors! It means a lot to help play a part in the Harry Potter fandom, help you guys interact with Harry Potter fans from around the world and get you the latest and best news. Keep visiting, tweeting and posting!

Katie x


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