A Life in Pictures:Ralph Fiennes at BAFTA

Continuing with the Q&A of other celebrated actors, Francine Stock interviewed Ralph Fiennes at A Life in Pictures. On Sunday, December 11th Fiennes sat down with Stock and recalled his entire life’s work of movies. He tells of how he was informed in his childhood while reciting Shakespeare that he “has the ability”. And years later he has had a plethora of different roles. One such role was of Amon Goth from Schnidler’s List. When a chilling scene involving his maid appears on the scene, he lightens the mood with telling how he was so excited to get Steven Spielberg to engage with him in his audition.

Inevitably, Stock brings up Fiennes’ long-running role of Voldemort of Harry Potter fame, and Fiennes – to everyone’s surprise – performs the “Avada Kedavra” jokingly on the host. After being uninvolved with the Harry Potter franchise, his sister Martha was the one who told him to take his role seriously.

With his directorial debut in Coriolanus opening in early 2012, Fiennes revealed his curiosity in directing for almost four years. Fiennes wanted something that was not only a challenge to direct but one that would be relevant to audiences. He decided as he is finally approaching 50 that he only has one life to live. The official UK trailer is below with Coriolanus opening in the UK on January 20th.

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