David Yates on DH2 Remus/Tonks scene that didn’t quite make it

Mugglenet spoke to Harry Potter director David Yates recently, and within quite a lengthy chat, one of the interesting things he talked about was an additional battle scene with Lupin and Tonks that was nearly filmed but had to be axed because of time constraints with the special effects and 3D conversion.

Mugglenet: Speaking of the battle, and the character moments… were there any that were lost in the final film?

David Yates: We kept most of them. We did keep most of them. We actually thought we might need more at one point… there was a point when I was editing and I said to Mark [Day], the editor, “I think we might need… maybe we need more blowing upof stuff. Maybe we need a few more…” We did talk about whether or not we wanted to see Tonks and Lupin fight to the death. Which would’ve been great. Absolutely great. And then we actually thought, “Okay. How do we pick it up? We can get David [Thewlis] back, we can get Nat [Tena] back. We can build a bit of battlement.” And at one point that was on the cards. But then, because of this 3-D conversion, we suddenly realized that we were actually not going to have the time to do it. Because we could shoot it, but we couldn’t have the visual effects and the 3-D conversion done in time. But we had serious conversations about it.

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