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JK Rowling talks personal life, The Casual Vacancy, future books with The Guardian

As the release of her first post-Potter book The Casual Vacancy approaches, Jo Rowling has begun a series of interviews and appearances with a lengthy piece in The Guardian in which she discusses her life before, during and after Harry Potter, and politics and society and how it ties into the new book. And she says that having dreamed up Harry Potter on a train, the idea for The Casual Vacancy came to her on a plane this time! She also reveals that her next book to publish will most likely be another children’s story, and that the long awaited ‘political fairytale’ is still sitting on her laptop, almost finished.

The video below summarizes the interview nicely, but you can read the whole thing over on the Guardian website. Spoiler warning: the article contains a lot of detail about the contents of The Casual Vacancy. We’ve included some highlight quotes below.

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15th Anniversary of Book 1: The Guardian re-releases 1997 article with early JK Rowling interview

Yesterday marked fifteen years since the first publication of Philosopher’s Stone (they only printed 500 copies!). In honour of this anniversary, The Guardian re-published one of their very early articles about JK Rowling and Harry Potter. It includes an interview with JKR herself, which is fascinating to read in hindsight, where she speaks about getting accepted by Bloomsbury and expresses her astonishment at the huge (now comparatively tiny!) six-figure sums of money coming her way.

Have a read of that right here. Click the image for a larger version:

Helena Bonham Carter interviewed by Daniel Radcliffe

This month’s issue of Interview Magazine is changing up some things. Harry Potter alum Daniel Radcliffe interviewed Helena Bonham Carter, another Harry Potter alum. Radcliffe asked Carter how she got ready for her part as Bellatrix Lestrange in the HP films. Below is an exerpt from the article.

Dan: Your Harry Potter character, Bellatrix Lestrange, is one of the scariest characters in the books. But I think it’s fair to say that she is very playful and quite sexy as well.

Helena: When they sent the part, I thought, What am I going to do here? Because, actually, on the page, she wasn’t all there, so I thought, Well, you’ve got to be noticed. And Bellatrix-kids were terrified of her. So I think, Okay, I’ve got to be scary. But then also, if you’re with the kdis, you want to have fun being naughty.

Dan: Do you think you take inspiration from kids a lot? Because I do. They’re very  honest in how they act and  how thye are in the world.

Helena: Oh yeah. They are. And I also think there’s a lot of Peter Pan about me anyway. I never really wanted to grow up. I grew up really young. I moved out when I was 13- that’s when I started acting. Dad  was really ill-he was pretty much paralyzed- so there was a part of me that felt like I had to become responsible.

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