Dan Radcliffe discusses his future in the film industry with MTV

Unfortunately, MTV only makes their videos available in the US :(

Dan Radcliffe recently spoke with MTV and discussed his time doing Harry Potter as well as what he thinks the future holds for him in the film industry. He mentions that he’d like to direct at some point. If you can’t view the video above, here is some quotage courtesy of Mugglenet:

“My worst nightmare is that in ten years that I will just be not working and not doing anything. Even if like in five years time I decide to leave the film industry and go off and become an archeologist, like even if I’m doing that, then great, fine. But the best case scenario is that in ten years time I’ll have gotten a good few films under my belt. I don’t know how many that’ll be in ten years, but I suppose since I did eight ‘Potter’s’ in ten years, double that to sixteen, who knows. But I’d to have a few different films with different parts, and very different directors under my belt.

Ideally, I’d really like to have directed something by then. That’s the ambition. I mean I feel having spent so much time on a film set, I would have a very good idea of how to run a film set, how to lead that set, and I love telling stories. So I would like that as a job.”

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