JK Rowling and agent Christopher Little reach ‘amicable agreement’ after split

Back in July, not long after the launch of Pottermore, we learned about the termination of the most successful literary partnership ever, as JK Rowling left the Christopher Little agency.

While Christopher Little has been the man that began the success and guided Harry Potter along to become what it is today, JKR decided to follow Neil Blair, a partner at the agency, to his new agency The Blair Partnership.

69 year old Little was originally quoted to have said he was “disappointed and surprised” after learning Jo had left. Today we’ve learnt from a source at The Telegraph that the pair reached a financial settlement:

“JK Rowling and her former agent, Christopher Little, have reached an amicable agreement concluding their long-standing business relationship, the terms of which remain confidential,” I am told by a spokesman for Little. “No further comments will be issued by either party.”

We won’t speculate on the possible reasons for the unexpected split, but we wish both Jo and Christopher all the best as they go their separate ways.

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