JK Rowling Spokesperson speaks briefly about Pottermore delays

When Pottermore was announced in the middle of last year, it caused a huge flurry of excitement in the Harry Potter fandom.

That excitement seems like a distant memory now though, since Pottermore has been stuck in beta for over four months longer than promised. As well as delays there have been bugs, downtime, and a lack of content for those who do have beta access, because only the first book is currently available. Fans have become rather frustrated and a bit of a backlash has begun.

We can fully understand the technical challenges that must have faced the team behind the website, but the frustrating thing from our point of view has been the severe lack of information from Pottermore about what might be causing the behind-the-scenes problems and what they are doing to improve it. We have tried contacting them to get some information out of them, but to no avail.

Today, though, Scotsman.com has published an article about Pottermore and they quote a spokesperson for JK Rowling which provides the first real public acknowledgement of the problems, and hints that an announcement or something big may be on the way soon:

“We’re not ready to say yet [why there has been a delay]. There is no further information at the moment – but it will be obvious [why there has been a delay] when it is announced.”

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