Official Butterbeer to be served in the UK for first time at WB Studio Tour!

We all know that Butterbeer is a staple part of the diet of any witch or wizard in Harry Potter’s world, and those lucky enough to have visited the Wizarding World theme park in Orlando will most probably have tasted the official, JK Rowling approved Butterbeer on sale there.

Well, today the twitter account for the WB Studio Tour: The Making of Harry Potter and actor Warwick Davis (Flitwick and Griphook) announced that for the first time, fans in the UK will be able to have the pleasure of drinking the apparently amazingly delicious beverage, if they make the trip to the Tour near London.

This is very exciting news for me personally, as I’m not able to make it all the way over to Orlando, but I have tickets for the Studio Tour this summer and have been wanting to try the legendary Butterbeer for many years now!

Make sure you grab your tickets now for the incredible new attraction, as they are selling out fast. Head over to

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