Several new interviews with David Yates, David Heyman, David Barron and more

Over the last week or so, during publicity events for the WB Studio Tour, Harry Potter cast and crew have been giving all sorts of interviews, and many of these have sprung up around the web. We’ve picked out a selection of interesting ones for you to read, watch or listen to below.

Firstly Dan Dark, Managing Director of Leavesden Studios, was at a roundtable interview attended by, who of course discussed the Tour, including when they began planning it and protecting the old sets in anticipation of it, the quality of the staff, and return value for fans.

We started making the Harry Potter films in 1999. During the making it was clear that we had something special on our hands, and You see for yourselves the incredible talent that goes into these things. I would say we began to develop some ideas for the tour in 2005/2006, and we were still making the films, so we really protected all of the sets and props because we were never quite sure about what we wanted to bring back. And as we were drawing to the end of making the Potter films in late 2010, we brought all of the production people and back in from making the films to recreate everything. We turned this around in 16-18 months, that’s an incredibly short time. This sort of thing would normally take years, and that’s a real testament to the talent of these guys.

Everybody that has been through this facility has commented on how incredible the staff are, and we’re really proud of that, the staff is really proud of that, how they are perceived. And I think that’s relatively unique in the UK, where sometimes we’re a bit cynical about the level of quality of service, and I’m really proud to say that our guys were able to do that. Pride is something that really comes through, and I firmly believe that this is something that the UK should stand up and be extremely proud about.

You have to ask the fans that. When we see the reactions… what I find the most incredible to watch is the reactions of the people coming into the facilities. It’s quite spectacular! It warms your heart to see them. So that’s not for us to answer that question, it’s for the visitors. I’ve walked through this facility so many times, and I still see something new. So the repeatability is frankly endless.

Secondly, producers David Heyman and David Barron took part in this lengthy chat about the Harry Potter films and the Studio Tour.

And we also have this short interview with David Yates via LeakyNews in which he talks about his upcoming project Your Voice in My Head, which he hopes to cast Emma Watson in. In particular he discusses the huge potential he believes Emma has as an actress.

And in the following interview, David again speaks about Emma and Your Voice in My Head, as well as the prospects for the Doctor Who movie that he is set to direct at some point in the future.

Hypable also managed to talk with David Yates about the Dumbledore funeral scene in Half-Blood Prince. Yates notes that they tried to make it work, but it never made it past the script and no footage was ever captured.

It’s a beautiful picture. That scene was in and out, and in and out again… it was a rhythmic thing, it felt weirdly book-ended. So you would read the script and you’d get to Dumbledore’s death, and it felt climactic and moving. And then we went to the Great Hall and this austerity… it sort of felt weirdly complete. And then you got to this grand funeral, and it felt less about the man and more about the pomp of the ceremony, and it felt oddly less connected. So just rhythmically it felt wrong. But I love that scene, it’s a beautiful scene in the book, but it felt wrong in the movie.

They got a sneaky picture of this beautiful concept art for the scene:

The following quote is from David Heyman and is a sweet story in which he describes the support that Tom Felton gave to Emma Watson when she was struggling to deal with fame:

There was a time on the third film where Emma was really uncomfortable with her celebrity and what it meant. And Tom was absolutely brilliant; we were filming Hagrid’s lesson with the Hippogriff, and Tom and Emma were really friendly, and Tom really encouraged Emma to engage with the fans in the way that she hadn’t. It was like she needed someone, a friend, to go on that [journey] with her. They were all looking out for each other.

And finally, on the red carpet at the Studio Tour Luna actress and die-hard Harry Potter fan Evanna Lynch talked about JK Rowling’s new book and the future of the Harry Potter fandom.

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