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JK Rowling talks personal life, The Casual Vacancy, future books with The Guardian

As the release of her first post-Potter book The Casual Vacancy approaches, Jo Rowling has begun a series of interviews and appearances with a lengthy piece in The Guardian in which she discusses her life before, during and after Harry Potter, and politics and society and how it ties into the new book. And she […]

Chamber of Secrets chapters 1-4 now available to everyone on Pottermore!

We’ve waited patiently for almost a year, and now book two on Pottermore, Chamber of Secrets, is finally being opened. Chapters 1-4 went live yesterday for House Cup winners Slytherin, and today they are accessible for all other students too. Head over to Pottermore now to have a look at the new features and content by JK Rowling! […]

Cover art for JK Rowling’s ‘The Casual Vacancy’ revealed!

Publisher Little, Brown just released the cover art for JK Rowling’s new book The Casual Vacancy! See that below. They also released an updated synopsis and the prices in dollars. Strangely, since the initial announcement, the name of the deceased character Barry Fairweather has been changed to Barry Fairbrother, put down to error by Little, […]