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Pottermore CEO: ‘Chamber of Secrets’ will be better than ‘Philosopher’s Stone’, shop makes £3m in first month

Following the public opening a few weeks ago, Pottermore CEO Charlie Redmayne has been giving a few interviews here and there, revealing some interesting facts and predictions.

Speaking to The Guardian, Redmayne insists that when released, Chamber of Secrets will be a much richer experience than book 1, which some users were a little disappointed with. From the article:

Redmayne also acknowledged issues with Pottermore’s community and promised change – although everything will continue to be moderated. “The community elements are too restrictive at the moment and we will be easing them up. Within a community, you need to be able to communicate,” he said. “In the next few weeks we will enable people to communicate more, but to do so in a completely safe environment.

The site will also become more interactive, he promised, revealing that work is currently underway on launching the second book in the series, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. “It won’t be the next couple of weeks but we’re working to get it live as soon as possible,” he said. “What is going to become a given is that there will be a lot more interaction added. When book two goes online – and we’re working on that at the moment – it will be a real step up from the stuff in book one. There’ll be more from Jo, and more interactivity. And we will grow this over the seven books – you will see it becoming a broader and broader and richer and richer experience,” he said.

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Pottermore CEO speech reveals rough timeframe for release of books 2-7

In a recent presentation at a London Book Fair conference, Pottermore CEO Charlie Redmayne discussed a lot of different topics to do with Harry Potter, JK Rowling and mainly Pottermore.

Among many interesting points, one of the most notable things he said was that the next books after Philosopher’s Stone would be released “over the next few weeks and months”. He also says the site is “currently very limited… not amazing yet” but will get “better and better” as more books and content are made available.

Listen to the whole thing right here:


Here is a summary thanks to Get the whole story » is now open to everyone

After an awfully long wait and many problems, JK Rowling’s Pottermore website is now open to registration from everyone!

Up to now only a million beta testers had been able to access the website, which provides an interactive Harry Potter reading experience with lots of new written content from JK Rowling.

But now they have made all necessary technical upgrades and a few visible changes (including sounds), everyone who was left out of the beta can now experience the magic for themselves.

We also hope they’ll release more books soon, as currently only Book 1 is available. Watch a sneak peek clip of Pottermore below:

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