Alan Rickman and Rupert Grint reunite in “CBGB” (Update: Rupert also confirmed for ‘The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman’)

CBGB may be about a crazy, punk rock NYC club, but it will also have a small Harry Potter reunion for us fans. According to Hitflix, Alan Rickman, who is best known for his  role as Potions master Severus Snape, is being joined by Rupert Grint, who played Ron Weasley, in the film about the venue that helped launched the careers of The Ramones, Blondie, The Misfits, Patti Smith, and others.

Rickman is playing Hilly Kristal, who was the founder of the club, and Grint is playing Dead Boys guitarist Cheetah Crome, who is the exact opposite of Ron Weasley.

CBGB is being written by Randall Miller and Jody Savin (Bottle Shock) and being produced by Kristal’s daughter, Lisa Kristal Burgmann. Shooting is scheduled to being sometime this week in New York.

Update: We have also had confirmation via that Rupert shall be starring alongside Shia LaBeouf in The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman. More news on that soon.

Posted by on May 28, 2012 at 3:22 pm.

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  • Linnea Finney Hewson says:

    I’m such a fan of Mr. Rickman’s AND Mr. Grint’s. I still see Rupert as a shoe-in for starring in The Mick Jagger story. Maybe, I’ll write it! (One never knows . . .). I haven’t been over the pond since 1970. Since my kids are both FULLY-GROWN and gone (Mom, get on with it! I’m constantly told. I think I shall.) Recently became a FULL-TIME CANADIAN! Go Hockey!! (And finally, Dadums, who surepetiously sang to me when I was 8 years old in the car [minus Mum I might add, God Save The Queen!!!]. Alan, I attended the Seattle premiere of, The Rachel Corey Story from Western WA Uni. at the time . . . Timely story.

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